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Perfect coffee is no accident: it must be deliberately created, consistently and without compromise, cup after cup. That’s why Urban Space is proud to be serving Nespresso coffee 7 days a week.

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Perfect coffee can't just be left to chance.

Coffee shouldn’t be just coffee. It’s an experience. It’s the time we allow for ourselves to think about our day, to catch up with a friend, or to recharge after one of those long meetings where Carl from accounting takes the floor for an unexpected 45 minute solo.

If you’re not already as obsessed with Nespresso as we are, allow us to introduce you to your new best friend. Sorry, Carl.

There are a number of different reasons as to why we are SO excited about our partnership with Nespresso, but one of the main reasons is their dedication to the environment.

Similar to Urban Space, Nespresso has high standards for keeping the environment green and clean. That is why Nespresso developed a recycling program. This program eliminates any waste coming from their coffee capsules. Nespresso uses aluminum capsules to protect and preserve the coffee grounds and maintain full flavour. The aluminum used for each individual capsule is 100% recyclable. Meaning, once the capsule is used to make a delicious espresso, it continues its life as a new aluminum product. And it gets even better! Nespresso uses the coffee grounds that are leftover in the capsules and compost them. Therefore NO waste is created to make a cup of joe!

How it Works
  1. Order a Nespresso Recycling Box.
  2. Fill box with used Nespresso Capsules.
  3. Once recycling box is filled. Arrange pick up with Nespresso’s courier.
  4. Used capsules are processed at Nespresso’s Recycling facility.
  5. The Aluminium capsules are melted down to create new products.
  6. The leftover coffee grounds are composed.

Recycling aluminum requires up to 95% less energy than to produce primary metals. It also keeps its inherent properties no matter how many times it’s recycled.